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Make a date for the hotel's program of workshop and event highlights ahead for 2024

Posted by Rick on Sun March 10, 2024.

The Conductors of the Karoo Art was a new idea for 2024. The concept ? To hand the hotel over to a leading creative or else event for a weekend of very specific focus. It started with a bang with a Cathy Milner art weekend and that was followed by an extraordinary program put together by writer Rian Malan, photographer Guy Tillim, Dance instructor Hannah Loewenthal and film maker Lloyd Ross. More to follow.

Art of a retro road trip weekend with Royal Enfield
'Royal  Barrydale'
26-28 April

We get a lot of bike groups passing through the hotel but few compare with creative diversity and quirkiness of group of Royal Enfield riders. We started small last year this time we're going bigger and better. If you own a Royal Enfield or are  waiting to be persuaded to become a part of such a legendary movement, or are just one of their mates  this is the weekend for you.

.  A surprise picnic stop on a green field in the middle of no where during the Royal Barrydale ride out last year 

.  Bring your bike to the party please 


   A Knight with Dylan & Cohen in celebration of the song poets 


     Bill Knight's name is woven through the fabric of South African rock and folk over the past 40 years. Beyond       his celebration of the music of Dylan and Cohen Bill he  is also a respected composer and song writer in his       own right. We'll  also be treated to some of that on a Knight with Dylan and Cohen in the Bialanti Ball Room      in Bohemian Lounge mode.


Arts of a Karoo Farm Kitchen with Marianne Palmer and Bernadette Le Roux. 10-12 May

In our pursuit of the Art of Karoo Cooking our kitchen often references recipes from Bernadette Le Roux and Marianne Palmer's beautiful cookbook Prickly Pairs & Pomegranates, a compilation of 6 generations of Karoo cooking at the Palmers families historic Kranemere farm outside of Pearston near Graaff Reinet in the Groot Karoo. Each participant at the workshop will receive a signed copy of Prickly Pears and Pomegranates, made all the more precious by the fact that the cookbook is now out of print and hard to find .

As presented in our dining room 

Marianne and her daughter, former Conde Nast food editor  Bernadette Le Roux at home in the Kranemere kitchen. 

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Art of the Memoir workshop & retreat

7-14 June

I write this as a current student and past participant in the Art of the Memoir. These are two very gifted , published SA writers. But it's another thing entirely to be a gifted writing coach and mentor. The two Jo's succeed at both. It's either the Karoo Art Hotel or Venice with their writing courses. Start with us, we're closer to home for a try out. Then go to that fabled private palace on the Grand Canal. With us there's the 3 day high intensity workshop and then as an addition the week in residence that follows.

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Art of Being

Solstice weekend and soul workshop. 21-23 June. An extraordinary weekend dedicated to the soul and the body with guided meditation, yoga and workshops all set to the live music of the gifted musician Nur Felix.

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Art of Iron

12-14 July

Our 3rd year of this fantastic Harley-Davidson weekend that is justified in calling for a town name change for a brilliant 48 hours dedicated to these amazing bikes and their passionate owners. Barrydale becomes Harley-Dale once again.

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Art of the Passes

16-18 August

A weekend of speed and the passion for roadworthy racers. Craig Harper Sports Car. There are a bunch of those and then come the Lotus's, the Cobras and more. This is a weekend dedicated to the many glorious passes between us and Cape Town and all around us -  and the passion of owning machines that speak to the real spirit of the sports car. 

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Art of Ink & Mixed Media

22-25 August

Cathy's second weekend of a year of three workshops with us. They all sell out. She's a gifted teacher. The work presented below was from the final class of 2023, in amongst them two out and out beginners who went home with a piece of work that was definitely headed for the framers shop and a wall at home. Some of the other artists there are already working as full time artists. 



Art of Monotype with Oils

10-13 Oct

Cathy's final workshop of the year in a new medium that she hasn't offered at the hotel before. 

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Art of Writing 

Master class.

Exciting news for us and a big move in terms of the Karoo Art Hotel becoming a real workshop destination for writers. There are a number of exotic locations around the world where you can sign up for a Sarah Bullen writing workshop - enter Barrydale 🖖 

Join writing coach and literary agent Sarah Bullen and poetry coachTara Rose on a writing immersion in Barrydale in the Klein Karoo to get quiet and dive into words. Join for the weekend, or the entire week.

Anyone with a book, or a writing project is welcome to join. You may be a new writer, or an experienced writer who simply needs time away from your life to really settle into your writing. The days will flow between craft sessions, feedback and loads of time to sit and finally write.

For those who need a push, the structured sessions will show you how to write, edit and market your book, find a structure, character, plot, advanced plotting and pace, how to construct scenes, best writing techniques, genre conventions, and finding your voice, preparing your manuscript, how to approach publishers, how to write your marketing material, and new publishing models. Or sit back and immerse in the quiet simplicity of a small town with horizons and open spaces to dream.

Date to be confirmed

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