Announcing the Art of Sand riding 24-26 June

Posted by Rick on Thu May 5, 2022.

Geoff Bayman will be leading a weekend workshop for adventure bikers looking to conquer any unease they might have about sand riding.

Sand isn't everyone's bag. Especially for a rider converting from tar to off road adventure, that narrow front wheel doesn't always feel the best. How to power through it, float above it, ride it with soft hands, shifting your centre of gravity way down onto the pegs? (How not to do that suicidal thing when all confidence is evaporating - hit the front break). Join us to change your view from sand being a challenge to a joy.

I'll definitely be there with my trusty (but why so top heavy ?) GS 800. I need to be there; I can't stand that stuff called sand.
Rick Melvill. Karoo Art.

(Picture; Craig Marshall)

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