Dust in the wind - reflections on Harley-Dale

Posted on Wed July 20, 2022.

Harlley-Dale 2022 is done and dusted. Barrydale has it's name back again. And richer for the experience.

When we first announced that on the 16th July a good number of Harleys would be coming to town (and that for 24 hours Barrydale would experience a name change) there was a murmur from somewhere in the village   about "noise!" that lead me to suggesting that it would be a day when the sound of the cash tills  would have  the ring  of a Harley exhaust.  I was proved right. Well over 200 Harleys rumbled into our  booked out village  on that fateful day and the rest (including the dropping of R25,000,00 into the hands of two needy charities) his South African Harley history. Barrydale is set to become another Stirges. The dates for Harley-Dale 2023 will be a announced soon . 

A big thanks to our sponsors Jack Daniels and all the support from RGBC (the Really Great Brand Company who are true to their name) and also to the bike clubs who really made it happen ; Stoos Customs. Bikes Infinity, Big Bike Centre, Old Town Motorcycles, Harley Haven, Twinz Motorcycles.