• Karoo Art Hotel Magical mystery tour


Posted by Rick on Thu September 22, 2022.

As it is a mystery it makes communication about it well nigh impossible , but we'll give it a go.

So you're the organiser of a Karoo Art Hotel weekend for a bunch of friends. They've heard about the place. They have great expectations. And you want to make it extraordinary. But how much to share ? You know this gang; a bunch of over achievers. They like to be in the drivers seat. They have influence because they do influence. Best not make a committee. Best stick to the age old philosophy of  'the crazy one's'. People who like push the envelope; 'better to ask for forgiveness than permission'.

You create a WhatsApp group. You open the batting on the group by just sending a theme and a date. 

They start asking questions. "Where, what, how ?". Best give them something to think about... What to pack.

Apart from motivating the RSVP's you do nothing more. 

The hotel posts a documentary on a seriously unusual book store owner. Along with a reminder re one of the items on the packing list; reading glasses.

Reading glasses; Why you may need them

If we're noticing things going a little flat we might post one or two more things. 

Eg a  reminder re the dancing shoes in the form of a  question re their 'lang arm' expertise: "Will they be needing a dancing lesson from Sue on arrival ?". 

Barrydale dance lesson

What follows are some arbitrary images of recent Magical Mystery Tours of no particular significance due to the fact that your Magical MysteryTour will be something else. They always are.