• "What you should do is write a book".
    "What you should do is write a book".
  • Jo-Anne Richards and Jo-Anne Hitchens running the Art of the Memoir workshops at the Karoo Art Hotel Barrydale
    The Art of the Memoir. 18-22 March 2022

Writing Workshop: Art of the Memoir - 18 to 20 March 2022

Posted on Tue November 16, 2021 in Workshops.

We're excited to have tied up with the highly successful South African and UK based writing course leaders All about Writing and author Jo-Anne Richards for the first of our 'Art of...' workshops.

This course will be the ideal kick off for anyone who's often had that "what you should really do is write a book" comment. That and the actual urge to do it (but battling to get going). An important part of the All About Writing course offering  their ongoing mentorship program. Typically this is hard to get onto but attendees of the Art of the Memoir are guaranteed a place on the mentorship program.

Jo-Anne Richards has written a series of South African best sellers - star of the show so far being 'The innocence of roast chicken'. Jo-Anne along with Richard Beynon are the founders of All About Writing. Jo-Anne Hitchens who will be co facilitating on the course is an experienced writing coach with three published crime novels under her belt and , of relevance here, her own recently published memoir Death and the After Parties.

There will be a maximum of 15 attendees on the course.

Read All About the course by All About Writing