Barrydale is set to become a Klein Karoo cycling destination of note with the opening of the Cycle Loop and the mapping of a number of rides that until now have been the preserve of only those in the know. (The map above currently in final production).

There are various stand out features of the Barrydale Cycle loop.

  • The collaboration and generous participation by the owners of 9 beautiful Barrydale farms.
  • The easy nature of the ride. A chance for racing snakes to do a child ride with their partners.
  • It's mainly farm road and some single track. The dominant feature, orchards and working farms.
  • A series of easy outs off the loop onto the R26 for a fast ride home (good shoulder).
  • 3 brilliant stops; Joubert Tradauw the wine estate, Metanoia the distillery, Karoo Saloon.
  • A return to base lift (charged for) in case of the likely scenario of getting stuck at the above.
  • And then all the attractions of the village on the return from the ride. 
  • Beyond the Cycle Loop there is the round the town ride and for roadies the best part of the Double Century, the Tradow Pass.