• Art of The Memoir

Art of The MEMOIR Workshop and retreat (26-28 July)

A third year return sees Join Jo-Anne Richards and Joanne Hichens as they present this brilliant writing course

I write this as a current student and past participant in the Art of the Memoir.

These are two very gifted, published SA writers. But it's another thing entirely to be a gifted writing coach and mentor.

The two Jo's succeed at both. It's either the Karoo Art Hotel or Venice with their writing courses. Start with us, we're closer to home for a try out. Then go to that fabled private palace on the Grand Canal.

With us there's the 3 day high intensity workshop and then as an addition the week in residence that follows.

Book Now

“What you really should do is write a book”. Has anyone ever said that to you ?

“Who’s going to care ?” have you ever said that to yourself ? When considering putting all your life’s experiences to paper.

Memoir is a beautiful medium. Free of structure and concerns about complicated stuff like character development, and Joseph Campbells ’ hero’s journey’, and dramatic structure.

Ok, one way or another that all comes into it but first and foremost comes the detail of a life that guess what ? Even If you think people wont care about they do - if wel told.

Jo-Anne Richards and Joanne Hichens have a great track record of outstanding memoir workshops at Karoo Art. When they’re not here they are running their workshops on the Grand Canal in Venice. Not everyone can get there so we’ve got them here.

There’s the 3 day workshop and then a full week of coaching (28 July - 2 August) with a combination of splendidly isolated writing time and access to two great coaches in residence.