Harleydale The Art of Iron (12-14 July)

Another town take over and name change KAROO ART AS PARTY CENTRAL

As you read this Barrydale will seemingly already be  out of accommodation. But then comes a ‘Hug-a-Harley’ accommodation promo and people start opening up their homes and other obscure landlords start coming out of the woodwork.

One way or another over 200 Harleys will roar into town as one fuel (unleaded) is replaced with another (Jack Daniels) on the afternoon of 12 July. It’s a rally with a historic ball room as party central where somehow diamonds and leather never looked so cool.


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There’s a lot of art on the walls of the Karoo Art but the work of art that got the most applause from us at Harley Dale 2023 was the perfect doughnut left behind Infront of the hotel on Van Riebeek street by Alex Stoos riding a Fatboy.

That and the ease with which that a chopper was ridden up our front steps to be parked for the weekend In front of the fireplace where the Christmas tree normally goes.

That and all the ink on skin art displayed by the likes of John Fourie. Let’s not forget that Art of Iron master piece that arrived from Pretoria towed behind Trevor Becks trike.

It's our 3RD Year of Harley Dale and we cant wait.