Barrydale Bagel


A circular clockwise loop around the outskirts of
the town. Perfect to bike, run or walk. When you reach the Tradouw Pass R324 turn right on the tar road and turn right again onto the continue towards Op de Tradouw to the next loop of dirt roads. 

Ride: Head North along Van Riebeek St. (One block on you will pass the Dutch Reformed Church on your left-hand side.) After just under 700 m you will reach a T-junction with the original mud wall with quince hedge (built 1877) that marked the boundary of the town. Turn left (uphill) keeping the wall to your right into Van Collier St and then immediately right again into Tennant St. The Barrydale High School is on your left and the Blue Cow coffee shop on the right. Tennant St is a dirt road and starts a big loop around the outskirts of the town. Look out for the friendly resident donkey on your left (3,4 km). Continue past some labourer’s cottages with enthusiastic dogs. The road turns right and goes through a slight dip with a concrete weir across a stream (4,4 km). A few hundred meters on you take the right-hand option at the fork. This is the extension of Claassen St which heads back into town. Continue up the rise.  

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Just before you reach the first houses of Smitsville turn very sharply left (marked ‘Barrydale Hiking Trail’). Follow this track to a parking area and the start of the hiking trail (6,3 km).

Just to the right of the stile is a farm gate, go through this. There are three options of trail in front of you. Ignore the track on the right. The left is a dead end. The middle option resembles a single track / 4X4 route and is less distinct. Follow this up a slight rise as per the photo. Continue down the rough track on the other side until you connect with the main dirt road leading to Smitsville at 8 km. Turn left to follow this broad dirt road which snakes its way through the industrial area to the R324 Tradouw Pass (9,4 km). Turn right on the tar and follow this towards the R62. The first dirt road to the right at 9,8 km. At 10,8 km you merge with Sprigg St and turn immediately right into Steyn St. Continue for one block and turn left into Laing St. The start/finish is one block further on the corner with Van Riebeek St.

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