Barrydale Bertus Cooke Hiking Trail


A unique floral experience with stunning views of Barrydale. Sure footing is recommended as are hiking poles (available for rent at the Karoo Art Hotel).

Start: From the Karoo Art Hotel (30 Van Riebeeck St, Barrydale, 082 441 9143). 

Hike: Walk North along Van Riebeek Street for one block to the intersection with Bain St. The Dutch Reformed Church is on the corner. Turn left up Bain St and continue past the police station. At the next crossroads continue along with the footpath extension of Bain St (just to the right of the tennis courts.) This takes you under the R62. Turn right and walk past the Karoo Daisy and MUD restaurants.

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Just past MUD, there is a steep track that starts in the Eucalyptus trees. Follow the trail up the ridge passing a bench on your right. Your effort is rewarded with great views over Barrydale. After 1,1 km the path goes behind a slight bump. Keep taking the left option when the path forks until you reach a game fence to your right (1,7 km).

Follow the fence until you turn left (2 km). You are now heading in the direction of a radio mast passing two shallow bumps. At the mast (2,6 km) you continue down a 4X4 track. Turn left off this (2,8 km) along a single-track trail towards town. At one point the trail gets steep around a rocky outcrop. You are now heading diagonally left towards a house with brown walls, a blue roof, and a green water tank. Just on the far side of this house is Laing St. Walk straight down this to cross the R62 and down another block to the start/finish and a cold beverage.

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