• Royal Enfield

The Art of A Retro Road Trip Weekend With Royal Enfield

RETZA presents 'Royal Barrydale' an invasion of ROYAL ENFIELD riders (26-28 April)

It’s a funny thing; people and their bikes; the personalities go together.

A Harley owner is as different from A KTM rider to a BMW adventure bike one. A Kawasaki Katana owner is a very different animal to an Indian.

Same goes with cars – Ferrari owners are somehow different to Lamborghini ones. The Porsche Club as far removed from a Jimny group as the Autobahn from Alicedale.

But let’s talk the hip and typically alternative crowd who arrive at the Karoo Art Hotel on their legendary ‘made like a gun’ Bullet 500’s. No one’s in leathers here. No biker club jackets with the likes of  a ‘Marshall’ bib  or anything remotely like an embroidered first names; ‘Dave’...

Thinking back on last year, in amongst them a well known in India Bollywood actor and musician of European extraction, a movie scriptwriter, a published poet, a University professor an architect… If the Harley crowd are AC/DC this is more Leonard Cohen and Dylan and Rodrigues.

Which gives us a lead for a  band that weekend.

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