Art of Sand

Long fast gravel corners, loose shale ascents and descents, soft sand jeep tracks, surprise arrivals at deep sand on all sorts of paths. A weekend workshop for adventure bike owners who fear this stuff called sand - join us as we challenge sand together.

You might have owned an adventure bike for a while or even recently bought one and have done a few trips under your belt. But when it comes to sand you’ve just not done enough of it to feel at ease with it. If this is you the Art of Sand weekend with Geoff Bayman  will go a long way towards making you look forward to your next sand challenge.

It all begins with checking into the wonderfully renovated Karoo Art Hotel in Barrydale at lunch on Friday 24 June. That afternoon we'll do a warmup 110 km loop via the Gysmanshoek pass where at worst we’ll be dealing with a bit of shale on an otherwise easy scenic ride to get ourselves back into the saddle. Friday night we'll have a bit of a technical work dinner in the Map Room alongside the Karoo Art Bar. Saturday is a 'deep dive' sand day as we head off towards sand country (Witsand etc) via the Pont at Malgas. Essentially it’ll be a day of demonstration, trial and probably a bit of error along the way. But unlike a conventional ride we’ll have all the time in the world to stop and discuss, do it again, see it demonstrated, apply all the principals, get it right. Suddenly you’ll start to find that you are enjoying it. You’ll definitely deserve a round or three at Saturdays graduation ceremony in the Karoo Art bar. On sat evening we’ll discuss the next morning’s fork in the road; Sleep- in Sunday ? Or a dive back into the sand.  



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