Art Of Mosaic with Precious Dogs (12-14 APRIL)

Heidi Ansley is recognised as being a brilliant teacher of the art of mosaic in glass. But here she goes a step further for dog lovers. You'll leave this weekend with a stunning framable glass mosaic of your dog in classic pose.

You enter the Karoo Art and there’s Charlie on his favourite yellow arm chair.

The one with the high end fabric that dogs aren’t allowed on. But he doesn’t see himself as a dog. Nor does his owner Sue. It’s for 4 legged ‘humans’ and owners of the Sue & Charlie ilk that this weekend has been planned. Heidy Ansley is a brilliant glass mosaic teacher.

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In her hands you’ll find that you’ve got the talent. And then comes the ‘dog’. Yours. You’ll be leaving with a new skill in glass mosaic and an unforgettable image of one of the great favorites in your life